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Vauxhall Facilities Management Covid-19 plan

We understand there is no cure for Corona Virus unless having a clean and secure workplace, a good hygiene and good house keeping can keep you and your client safe. No one is secure unless everyone get secured through high end cleaning.

We recommend our cleaner to clean the every surface they pass through. Staircase railing, door knobs and handle, water tap and all other surfaces around the property could be at risk by hosting corona virus.
All of our cleaning staff are provided with following special training to stop the corona virus spreading into human body.

1. Every cleaning staff required to clean all the surface they are working on.

2. Each staff individually asked to use hand rubber gloves when entering into the clients site and dispose off all the PPE before leaving the site so next site won’t get any used PPE.

3. Use new PPE for each site and dispose it off straight after use.

4. Clean all the touchable surface before leaving the site.

5. Fill out all the cleaning checklists and make sure your workplace is covid secure.
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We have 35 local mobile Cleaning location in London and always expending Beyond the M25. For better and sustainable cleaning contract in London we are the best voted by our clients.
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