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Environmental commitment:
Behind the business we find our way in helping to save the planet, creating chemical free cleaning society and inspiring others to contribute to our initiative.

Our people is our heart, we gather local people and generate new employment and so that we contribute our society. Vauxhall Facilities Management always committed to create more opportunities for local people and pushing through boundaries and battling unemployment.

Research and development:
We constantly research on our way finding easiest solution on cleaning and cutting surplus, recycling unwanted waste before it goes to the landfills. We don’t just clean the offices and fill the garbage into the bin, we clean, collect the leftover rubbish and recycle them responsibly so that our planet stays green and we save energy.

Natural product:
Vauxhall Facilities Management encourage it’s clients to purchase recycled and biological cleaning product which got no adverse effect to the environment.
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Report 2020
We have 35 local mobile Cleaning location in London and always expending Beyond the M25. For better and sustainable cleaning contract in London we are the best voted by our clients.
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